The Occupy Voice
#Occupy Imagery From The Underground

The Occupy Voice is an international collaborative zine project of occupy-related images suitable for photocopying. If you have any illustrations, lo-fi graphic design, fancypants graphic design, MS Paint, cut/paste collage, photography, comics, paintings, sketches, or other art related to the #OCCUPY movement, submit your image as an attachment to:
Include: Title, Name, Location, Website

Accepted images are posted to the site as they are approved, and zines will be printed as images continue to accumulate. All artists are given full credit for any images used, linkage from the site, and a couple copies of the zine when it's printed. There's no money involved other than what comes out of my pocket and the generosity of strangers. All images are available for free use by site visitors.

All images used with permission from the contributing artists.

Music by Radioman used with express psychic consent in support of the #Occupy movement.

Stop Whispering #OCCUPY

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