For my first behind the scenes video installment I wanted to illustrate one of my favorite lighting set ups. I want to thank Kristy L for being a great sport letting me use her for this video and my wonderful wife Serena for doing her hair and make up.

I commonly use this set up for models but I have been known to use it on rockers and dudes name Kris. I particularly like this set up because its soft and give the subject a nice over all glow.

For my main key light I used a 500W Halogen light with a 32x32 soft-box and silver reflector. Essential its the butterfly light set up for these two elements. Behind Kristy I used two 250W Smith Victor mono lights for edging. Both edging lights are placed approximately 45 degrees to Kristy. To get the full effect I used my Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II with Yashikor Aux. Telephoto 1:4 adapter. I found that this actually softens the photo but also lets in lens flares that don't harshen the photo.

For the second light set up I used my halogen light with soft-box and silver reflector. I tried to keep it simple yet effective.

I plan on doing a photoshop and lightroom tutorial to give you an insight on my work flow if you will. Since each photo set is different no two edits are always the same, but at least it might give you an insight. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and I'll will get started on this.

I hope this has helped you out. If you have any questions please comment and/or message me and I'd be happy to answer them. Thank you very much for watching and reading this blog. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram (@eparrillaphotos) and Twitter (links below) and hope to hear your input!

Music by Jack Penate - Pull My Heart Away

- Enrique Parrilla

Kristy L

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