Rose was a young woman, deeply devoted to her catholic faith. And for the partner she prayed to have? She hoped for him to be someone who loved God as well.

One day, the answer came like a miracle.

Rose joined an online-dating service called CatholicMatch, wherein she met Matthew, a 37-year old Australian national. In his profile, Matthew said that he’s not really into long distance relationships, “but could make an exception if the circumstances are right.”

Rose knew in her heart that she could just be the “right circumstance” that Matthew was looking for. And so the two gave it a shot and exchanged their first Hellos over Skype. In no time, the two were talking regularly over Skype, Facebook, email and SMS! Rose and Matthew became prayer partners–even best friends!–talking about their lives, dreams, and view of marriage.

It was to no surprise that Matthew was instantly captivated. “Rose is the perfect woman that I’ve been waiting for to be my wife and prayer partner for life,” Matthew describes, “A woman with lots of qualities, thoughtful, loving, God fearing and so on. I truly thank God for sending her to me.”

It wasn’t long until Matthew decided to meet up with Rose. He invited her to fly to his home in Adelaide, Australia and finally meet him. But as much as she wanted to come, her spiritual network warned her not to, advising that as much as possible, he should come to the Philippines and meet her first. This got Rose kind of scared, fearing that Matthew might not appreciate the idea. But to her surprise, when Matthew heard about it, he didn’t hesitate to book an early flight to the Philippines!

For Rose, finally meeting Matthew in person was like a clear confirmation to what her heart tells her: that he really is the answer to all her prayers.

And quite literally, too.

One day, as the two were attending a mass, praying and kneeling down, Matthew took his chance. When Rose finished praying, she opened her eyes and there it was–the beautiful answer to her prayers, right in Matthew’s hands! With a lovely ring Matthew popped the question and asked Rose to be his wife. And rose said yes!

Today, Rose looks back and recalls how much the wait was worth it. “Matthew is the complete package of a God centered man that I’ve been waiting for,” she shares, “Now it’s clear that God’s timing is perfect. And there is no feeling this world can offer that compares with the satisfaction of being in God’s will.”

Shooters: Julius, Jojo, Rael
Onsite: Quien
Venue: Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church

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