On Dec 13th the DEA raided "NJWEEDMAN's" Liberty Bell Temple and took all the cash, all the weed all the documents and left him unable to pay the rent or the ability to raise rent money. On Feb 3rd if there is no rent money the landlord will be locking the doors and taking his property back.

The Temple was a good place for many, a unique place in Hollywood, very different from everyone of the 700 other collectives/dispensories in Los Angeles. It had its Rastafarian theme and was a place to mingle, socialize and get spiritual if you wanted.

I resigned my position as director of the Liberty Bell Temple, Inc. but I wanted to leave the place running. The target of the DEA raid was "ME", so i've removed myself from the Temple. My last act on behalf of the Temple and its members was to ensure its immediate future by getting the back rent paid.

I've been hoping a bunch of supporters or a welloff cannabis user would come to the TEMPLE's rescue but so far none. If you know someone please let them know about the TEMPLE's plight.

Unless a miracle happens the TEMPLE will close on Feb 3rd.,

PLEASE! - Help the Temple stay open.

5642 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Ca 90028 -- or (paypal - edforchion@yahoo.com)

Produced and edited by Frankie Swaggz of Royal Starr Esq. LLC

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