Everything Arrives by Rose Marie Cromwell was part of Multimedia Night: Women in Multimedia, curated by Laura De Marco and Erica McDonald for Arte fiera, at Spazio Labo'|Center of Photography tinyurl.com/spaziolabo in Bologna, Italy, 1/28/2012.

Women in Multimedia is a rich selection of multimedia projects by some of the most important women photographers on the international scene. Multimedia Night: Women in Multimedia was realized in collaboration with Slideluck Potshow slideluckpotshow.com/, Daylight Magazine daylightmagazine.org/, FlakPhoto.com flakphoto.com/, Prospekt prospekt.it/ and DEVELOP vimeo.com/channels/developphoto - with special thanks to Food For Your Eyes foodforyoureyes.tumblr.com, the Vivian Maier/John Maloof Collection and Panos Pictures. See other pieces included in the event: vimeo.com/album/1823033

Everything Arrives: Cuba is one of the most imaged countries in the world, and these images create myths and specific expectations of it. I challenge what information we use to understand place and where that information comes from; confronting notions of racial, gender, and social identity, and their construction. I have photographed things, people, places, and objects that have shaped my relationship with and understanding of Cuba. Whether superficially orpermanently, each one has importance, and the irony contained in my incessant homage to my personal myths. Instead of asking what images are free from these myths and preconceived notions, I make images to confront them directly.

“Everything Arrives” is a line from the Reinaldo Arenas poem, "The Parade Ends". In the beginning of the poem he describes the streets of Havana with cold harshness. He describes a reality that is oppressive, and where free will seems unattainable. Finally, “everything arrives” and he is able to exercise agency in the the simplest of ways, he mentally frees himself from his present physical state and elevates himself to a world of “incessant jingling” where he and everyone else floats, where everything is open and nothing is closed. Like Reinaldo Arenas I am imaging the struggle between structure and agency, whether it be in these relationships I am exploring or in the way one navigates and lives in a certain social and political space. Despite obvious frustrations, there is a certain beauty in this power struggle and search that I cannot ignore.



In addition to the group slideshow, solo multimedia pieces featuring the works of Aglaé Bory, Alexandra Boulat, Alisa Resnik, Amy Touchette, Anastasia Taylor-Lind , Andrea Diefenbach, Anna Boyiazis, Anna Nemtsova, Anne Huijnen, Audrey Bardou, Betty Ras, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Carolyn Drake, Cristina Vatielli, Elinor Carucci, Erica McDonald, Erika Larsen, Esther Levine, Hayley Austin, Helen Levitt, Helen Twomey, Jenn Ackerman, Jennette Williams, Jen Plaskowitz, Jodi Bieber, Juliana Beasley, Julie Blackmon, Justine Reyes, Katrin Björk, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Kim Reierson, Kirsten Luce, Laura El-Tantawy, Lauren Hermele, Lynette Astair, Maise Crow, Mery Agakhanyan, Mila Teshaieva, Mirjam Siefert, Nandita Raman, Rena Effendi, Rose Marie Cromwell, Sarah Girner, Sarah Pickering, Shannon Jensen, Sophia Wallace, Stephanie Sinclair, Susan Morelock, Susan Worsham, Tatiana Plotnikova, Tatjana Schlör, Wendy Marijnissen and Vivian Maier were presented at Spazio Labo' for Multimedia Night: Women in Multimedia.

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