Celebrate Drag City's reissue of the Damon & Naomi with Ghost LP by checking out Naomi's short film: Japanese Scrapbook (previously only available as part of the Damon & Naomi's Factory 25 release 1001 Nights)

Damon & Naomi with Ghost
Back in print on vinyl and for the first time on Drag City CDs, Damon & Naomi with Ghost is a sweet meeting of mind and soul featuring Ghost's Masaki Batoh and Michio Kurihara in full collaboration with the titular hero and heroine. Everybody brings their heaviest and lightest sounds and the album — a pre freak-folk freaky folk excursion — now meets us on the other side, all charms intact.

Damon & Naomi: 1001 Nights
1001 Nights is a comprehensive anthology of the ethereal Damon and Naomi with videos and live performances by the duo from 2001 through 2009. This road trip through the decade includes live footage of Damon and Naomi and friends they met up with along the way including: Ghost, The Clientele and Richard Youngs. Damon and Naomi curated 1001 Nights and included a rare live version of "Blue Thunder," a song originally performed by their legendary first band Galaxie 500.

Featuring: Damon & Naomi, Michio Kurihara, The Clientele, Ghost, Richard Youngs, Rheinallt H. Rowlands, Thom Revolver, Bhob Rainey, Masaki Batoh and Helena Espvall

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