Generator1 - Real-time procedural compositing and editing tech-demo.
A real-time 3d graphics scene featuring a scripted compositing and editing system that uses post-processing GPU shaders.
No post-production, real-time graphics only.

Programming and scripting:
Davide Di Giannantonio
Modeling and Texturing:
Davide Di Giannantonio (generator, light stands, environment)
Alberto Anchuelo (crates, oil drums)

Made and captured with MESH (, an open-source software using OGRE as real-time rendering engine

This tech-demo features some of my latest developed post-processing shaders:
- depth of field
- vignetting & chromatic aberration
- tinted bloom
- screen space ambient occlusion
- colorization and gaussian blur fade-outs

Find more screenshots and discussion here (OGRE forums):

Proteus Noir - Fading away (Zeros and ones mixes)
Courtesy of

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