Reppin’ Mad Decent, Cool Records, and The Brick Bandits, Philly’s-own Dirty South Joe has got to be one of the most respected soundbwoys in the business. 

Skilled at multi-genre party rockin’, with a steady finger on the pulse, this selector extraordinaire is looked upon as a mentor by the likes of DJ Sega, DJ Sliink, and Nadus.
The Luvstep Mixtape Series he co-authored with Flufftronix exposed the melodic and timeless side of the Dubstep genre to the world. It attracted attention from the underground and gained crossover fans from the not-so-underground, due to the Mixtape’s warm and welcoming sonic aesthetic. It can also be argued that the Mixtape has given birth to a new sub-genre called Luvstep, a term often heard in New York City as a way to describe a DJ’s musical style or the musical vibe of a party.

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