Median Productions in Association with Andrew Coyle film and photography and Gary McDaid Film and photography.

Video appears to be darker than original.
Audio settings a little high, turn to between 50 and 75%

This was one of those nights were I had to film something. So I charged up the batteries of my 600d and gave Andrew and Gary a shout. We took some film and stills. The stills are a combination of Andrews and Garys. Their tumblr accounts are and

This was mainly a test of the 600d at night with a 50mm 1.8 lens mounted on a shoulder mount. Will need a focus puller as its much to hard to pull focus and keep steady.

I wanted a rough 'world cinema' approach to the editing, although there are some flaws this worked ok in my opinion. This was edited in avid media composer. In edit 2 I would like to add more colour correction and remove the 1.66 mask

Our city is becoming the uk city of culture 2013. Recently there have been bombings and things to upset this. However, I want to show it's beauty over a couple of these episodes.

Location: Derry/Londondery, Northern Ireland

Filmed using : 600d
Photography: 60d 550d
Edited using: Avid media creator
Music: Sigur Ros "Kafari" Copyright

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