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This video features Andrew Thomas, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist at Doctor Blossom.

Abhyanga is a luxuriously relaxing full-body warm oil massage practice designed to soothe accumulated stress and remove toxins from the body. Abhyanga is an integral part of the daily routine recommended in Ayurveda for overall health and well-being. Traditional Ayurvedic texts recommend it for its nourishing properties, especially for pacifying certain Vata and Kapha imbalances.

Benefits that can be expected from regular performance of this pleasant daily ritual include:
* Relieving fatigue and increasing levels of stamina through the day
* Increased circulation, especially of the lymphatic system, which generally improves immune functioning
* Calming for the nerves
* Maintaining optimal mobility of the joints
* Increased mental alertness
* Improved elimination
* Softer, smoother skin
* Deeper sleep at night
* Protection from negative emotions such as fear and anxiety

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