A colleague, a friend, a family.

Ghe Consolacion is a family to us since we were a child. Rupert(the bestman) and Ghe together with Ian Cruz and John de Guzman are highschool barkada or let's just say partners-in-crime. Ghe and I have worked together a couple of times and as a colleague I've seen him very focus and serious in his job that's why no doubt he is one of the respective wedding videographer in the industry nowadays. And it was indeed a pleasure yet "pressured" experience to be chosen as his wedding videographer for his big day.

There is widely-held belief that long distance relationships do not work in general. As Ghe and Aysa are involved in a long distance relationship, I would have to completely disagree. They have both agreed to give everything to their relationship in order to stay close to one another. The strongest part of their relationship is actually their communication. As Ghe mentioned to me they talk about almost everything and they know where the other stands in regards to the direction of their relationship. Surrounded by friends, co-supplier and family, its undeniable that these couple were so blessed by our Almighty God.

As requested by the groom, he want me to use the gift giving scene but the problem would be to emphasize the sound of violin so an idea came up in my mind and I decided to use it as my second song.

This Same Day Edit wouldn't be possible without the help of my brothers, Rommel Nicolas(who made all those breathtaking shots), Rupert Nicolas and the rest of the team and to our coolest (not eldest) Kuya Bob Nicolas who has been very supportive from the very start. ;)

I asked Ghe before he got married, "Are you gonna cry on your wedding day?" and he foolishly answered-- "Bading lang ang umiiyak hahaha." Hmm.. Let's see.

It's too early to say this but I think we already had an entry for "Best Wedding Vows of 2012" ;)
Here's Ghe and Aysa wedding SDE.

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