Upon arriving at Ben's house in Nashville he immediately placed a challenge on my being. It was "The Gap". Many have claimed they would accomplish the feat but none had tried. I awoken one day with great ambition, a goal... nae... a PURPOSE to do something amazing. I told Ben I, I will do this! I was the first to attempt this... and I was the first to succeed.

There was a 14' distance to run and about an 8' drop over stairs if I were to miss. The gap measured 10'9", which may not seem like a lot, but when you are looking at an 8' drop onto wooden stairs it gets tricky. Ben assured me prior that the jump was possible. He had measured it out and set up the same distances outside in the driveway. Once we set it up outside and I knew I could physically make the jump, all that was left was the mental wall I needed to break down with my FACE! It took about 10 min of approaches but then I just did it, I jumped. If you listen close right after landing I say "I don't remember any of that". I kind of blacked out while jumping and I really couldn't actually remember doing the jump. It's weird but that's what happened.

Filmed with 7 cameras:
-Canon 5D mark II
-Canon t3i
-Canon t2i
-GoPro Hero HD
-iPhone 4
-iPhone 3gs
-Samsung Infuse

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