AnimA (2010) 8' 18"

based on C.G.Jung's psychological theory; Anima-Animus

- Leading Actor

Hwang Se-ra
Kim Kyung-il
Choi Young-sung
Kim Min-kyung

- Staff

Planner : Jung Min-hyo, Yoo Dong-hyun
Scenario : Jung Min-hyo, Yoo Dong-hyun
Director : Yoo Dong-hyun

Direct Assistant : Chung Hyun-jung Chon Ha-lim

Director of Photography : Kim Ji-ryong
D.O.P Assistant : Kim Min-kyu

Lighting Technician : Lee Jung-hong
Lighting Assistant : Choi Kyung-june

Art Director : Choi Sang-a
Art Assistant : Ji Soo-hyun

Synchronous Recorder : Lim Jin-ho
Sound Director : Dong Min-ho
Composer : Jo Si-eun

PD : Han E-den
Scripter : Choi Hee-jae
Making : Kim Min-jeong
Data Manager : Jang Hyo-ju

Edit : Yoo Dong-hyun
Graphic & Title : Lee Dong-hee
Mixing : Dong Min-ho

- Special thanks to

Parents My MKNUA 10th
Prf.Cho Pung-youn Prf.Chang Yun-hee
Seniors Juniors Heo Seo-yoon
Jung Min-hyo Moon Ji-weon
and God

Korea National University of Arts
School of Film,TV and Multimedia
Department of Multimedia
2010 1st session Independent Project

Thank you so

Sony Z7, Sony Ex-3, Final Cut Pro, Color, Photoshop, After Effects

broadcasted by KBS (Korean Broadcast System) programme '열린채널; Open Channel' in June 2011

한국예술종합학교 영상원
멀티미디어영상과 2010년 1학기 독립프로젝트 '아니마'

KBS1 열린채널 4월의 작품 선정.
방영 : 2011년 6월 10일 오후 1시, 두번째 작품.

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