January 17, 2012 presentation hosted by the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Entrepreneurial Roundtable at Northern Illinois University Naperville Campus. Video by Stone Cliff Productions, Inc.

In this talk, Dan Wallace of Tailwind Discovery Group will explain how implementing a structured, disciplined and systematic method of running your business – a Business Operating System – will enable you to get more done in less time, leading to faster growth, greater profitability and a more satisfying life for you in and around the business.

A well-designed, well-implemented business operating system will give your company:

A CLEAR, COMPELLING VISION of the future, so that everyone in the company is rowing in the same direction

A HEALTHY, COHESIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM consisting entirely of the right people in the right seats (without excuses, exceptions or compromises), a team that is free of infighting and politics, and that is laser-focused on the greater good of the business

TOOLS AND PROCESSES TO GET AND SUSTAIN TRACTION – the ability to get more done in less time with fewer resources

This talk is not about theory. It’s about proven, practical ways to get things done, to make the most progress towards achievement of your goals and vision in the least time. Companies that embrace and implement these basic disciplines consistently outperform – by a wide margin – those that don’t. Come learn not just WHY but HOW.

Dan Wallace has been helping business owners and leaders build bigger, more profitable companies for more than 25 years. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, has worked in investment banking, strategy consulting, and as an advisor to owners and operators of entrepreneurial companies. He also has run three businesses, in one of which he produced a 6X increase in shareholder value in two years.

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