Just one very important thing: I did *not* made this short film :)

This video has been produced by French artists Claire Sichez and Cécile Milazzo.
I love their work and I'm proud to collaborate with these girls.
The music and sound design for 'Symptomatic Networks' is really different from my usual electroacoustic work, but I must be honest: I loved to do that stuff.

There you can find informations on these gifted artists:

Claire Sichez:
- cargocollective.com/clairesichez
- vimeo.com/clairesichez/videos
- quandestcequonarrive.over-blog.com/
- facebook.com/claire.sichez

Cécile Milazzo:
- vimeo.com/user912477
- poudriere.eu/fr/etudiants_et_films/2011/0/109/
- ecole-art-aix.fr/article2511.html
- facebook.com/profile.php?id=724873953

Then about me:
- facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002203793869
- soundcloud.com/j-loup-killian

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