Just few bits of my work as a character finishing TD.

All these works were realized between 2009-2011.

Xmen first class,
Lead techAnim TD.
The beast transformation : Building of the cloth rig and simulation/ripping cloth. Skin deformations. Contacts deformations. Rnd for ripping cloth (using syflex and nCloth)
Working on fur/cloth interactions pipeline with the fur dynamics TD.
Feet interaction with the ground. Adding details in the tendons deformations

Narnia. Building of the rig for the folding sail.
Involved in the rig process for various sails states.
cloth rig of Edmund (Syflex)

Orangina rastaman tropival. Hair rig/simulation. (maya hair) Cloth rig/simulation (nCloth)

Harry Potter 7 : Rig of the cloth transformation of Bathilda into a snake. Animation driven by my rig. (syflex)
Hagrid and Harry simulation, participated in the rig stage for all the problem solving. Built Hagrid rig with another artist.
Built cloth rig of 2 other characters. (syflex)

Orangina second project. Rig of the character and skinning using in house tools and XSI. Cloth simulation (nCloth on maya).

Luminoir : Lookdev and texturing of the little girl. Rigging and facial rigging of the little girl. Compositing. Some animation. Rigging of the monsters with arm growing abilities. Cloth/hair simulation (maya hair and nCloth). Grooming of the little girl.

And the dress is only a test done at home in a few hours.

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