Do you want to be hip and groovy? Why not consider owning an "Amphicar"! It's all the latest rage!

Back in the 1960's the company my father worked for began importing Amphicars into Australia. This one was on display in their showroom and was taken out for a demonstration in 1963 on the Patawalonga River in Glenelg, South Australia by Sven Kallin. This footage, shot on Standard 8mm film, was taken by my father, John Willis the day he went for a ride.

How the film was converted:

The video transfer was done using a Tobin Cinema Systems TVT-D8 PHD transfer projector which does frame by frame synchronised capture in 1024x768 resolution over a Firewire 400 connection to the PC. The capture is originally processed using a Y800 codec and is De-Bayered in the capture software to form an RGB24 raw video file. Post processing was done in Adobe Premiere for colour enhancement and noise reduction using Neat Video 3.1

Music by:
Emorej - "Auto" from the album "More Emorej"
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