Shot in central London and Epping Forest over a three-day period, 'The Rollercoaster' aimed to create and capture a mystical and magical interpretation of the tube-ride. The music score and film concept were created simultaneously to allow the music to act as the dialogue for the scenes (this is not simply a 'music video'). Written and directed by first time directors, Amiel Kestenbaum and Edan Feldman-Vazan (a.k.a. Subculture Sounds), and the first film for Twisted Hearts Productions, the film watches four characters enter and sit on a train and placed in a trance by Barrington the bunny, who transports them into a magical forest where all hell breaks loose.

Produced and Directed by:
Edan Feldman-Vazan & Amiel Kestenbaum

Film Score:
Subculture Sounds (Edan Feldman-Vazan)

Edited by:
Jem Talbot

Cem Aytacli
Roya Fraser
Callum Reece
Esther Lawrence

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