Shot with C Log 29.97 Native MXF XDCAM HD422. Graded with GenArts Sapphire and Final Cut 7.03 filters + plug-ins. Transcoded to H.264 for Vimeo - couldn't get the native MXF to upload. This is my first Vimeo upload of any kind.

I'm a long-time sports car race fan, but I had never shot a race until now. I picked up the camera at the FedEx facility in Daytona Beach, unboxed it in my hotel room and headed to the track. Made some mistakes early on, as can be seen with some of the early driver shots - I didn't have the aperture set to the "fine mode" and that caused a few problems. A few flashes, but I liked what was happening in those shots so I left them in.

A total run & gun - shot over 5 hours of footage over the 24 hours. Main lenses: Canon EF-S 17-55mm and EF 70-200m L II IS. Used the 1.4x extender on the second day. That 17-55 is a fantastic lens and worked well with the camera.

So there are the occasional blow-outs, but this camera handles them in a very nice, forgiving way. Those blow-outs will be few and far between once I get accustomed to properly exposing the camera. Looking forward to the TV Logic EVF - it would have been a big help here. Sachtler 18p head on Manfrotto 536 carbon fibre sticks. Battery life is ridiculously good, and camera never got warm.

I sold my 2 year old Panasonic HPX2700 P2 Varicam to make room for the C300. The images are much cleaner and detailed than the 2700, but that being said the 2700 has a hell of a beautiful image. Have also had the 7D the past two years, but will be selling - it prepared me well for this camera. The C300 is breaking new ground, and I'm looking forward to the ride.

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