A.SUMMARY: Part 3/3, S gauge 2-track automatic passing siding, using American Flyer turnouts and automotive relays.
* #659 Pt 1/3: vimeo.com/3605742 , Pt 2/3: vimeo.com/3607773 , Pt 3/3: (this video) .
* For drawings for this specific unit, use link at track2.com/info/208 .
* For other AutoControls videos, use 'channel' vimeo.com/autocontrols, or visit the AutoControls.org "VIDEO INDEX PAGE".
* Pt 1/3: (1) Intro, (2) Overview: How It Operates, (3) More Detailed Overview, (4) Depower" switches to "park" train, (5) Swap Sidings.
* Pt 2/3: (6) How It's Constructed, (7) Automotive Relays, (8) Rectifiers for Auto. Relays, (9) Magnets & Reed Switches, (10) AF Locomotive Mods, (11) Construction Comments, (12) Auto. Block Comments, (13) AC/DC Power, (14) Rheostats.
* Pt 3/3: (15) Jumper Wire for Manual Override, (16) As Copied from LargeScale, (17) Gaps in Track, (18) Would Use RR-Concepts except for large currents.
D. SUMMARY: This three-part video shows the operation of an S gauge automatic passing siding, showing it controlling 2 trains on the same track. The system uses magnets on the bottom of the locos/cars to activate a reed switch, which activates an automotive relay, which then throws the American Flyer turnouts. Automotive relays are used to handle the large amounts of current (estimated about 6 amps) required to operate a pair of American Flyer switches.
This iMovie video was assembled 3/12/2009 by JamesRobertIngram.com (aka AutoControls.org, aka Track2.com, aka RailVideos.org).

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