Our slab in the Wasatch has gained a lot of strength. Thats what five feet of snow with five inches of water will do. However, the facets have not.

We are not seeing the obvious signs anymore, like cracking or collapsing. You can do an Extended Column Test whack it till you bruise your hand and see no results. But this doesn't mean we can't trigger avalanches. All we need to do is find a weak spot in the pack, collapse the slope initiate the fracture and were off.

In the movie I wanted to show even though the ECT might not work. Other tests can show great results.

Stay off the steeps.

Kowboy say's it best. Patience people.

Attention: This is my first time doing this test. The results from the first PST showed that propagation was likely. However, even though the second test came flying out of the wall, the results were less likely. More to come on this test.

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