Archives of Oblivion performing Jerry Garcia's 1972 debut solo album "Garcia" in its entirety as part of Grooved Ware, a concert series dedicated to celebrating the 40th anniversaries of select albums, originally recorded and released in the 1970’s.

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Grooved Ware is a concert series founded by original band Archives of Oblivion in Philadelphia in 2012. Grooved Ware is dedicated to celebrating the 40th anniversaries of select albums, originally recorded and released in the 1970’s. The series is expected to be held bi- or tri-annually.

The concert series was named after the “Grooved Ware” Neolithic people of Britain (widely accredited for a unique pottery style, which held powerful black henbane and ales), who reportedly were obsessed with tracking the pentagrammatic path traced by the planet Venus every 40 years. This 40-year planetary path became known for the beauty of its shape, often referred to as the Rose of Venus.

The Archives of Oblivion believe that several albums coming up on 40th anniversaries hold a lasting beauty and sway over today’s culture, similar to that which the Rose of Venus held over the Grooved Ware people in Neolithic times.

Thus, Archives of Oblivion instituted the Grooved Ware concert series as a forum for celebrating certain 40 year old albums in a way that would make the Grooved Ware people of yore proud!

For each Grooved Ware concert, the Archives of Oblivion set aside a month to research, learn and rehearse an album to be performed in its entirety in front of a live audience on the 40th anniversary, or thereabouts, of the album’s release date. The musicians make every attempt to remain as true to the original compositions, arrangements, and performances of the albums as possible.

The criteria for selecting an album for a Grooved Ware concert is not set in stone. But, generally speaking the Archives of Oblivion will tend to focus on an album they’ve long admired, or have only recently unearthed for the hidden gem quality of its listening pleasure.

The first Grooved Ware with Archives of Oblivion concert was announced in late 2011, and will pay homage to Jerry Garcia’s 1972 debut solo album “Garcia” in a weekend of concerts January 19, 20, and 22, 2012 in New Hope, Philadelphia, and Manayunk, Pennsylvania.

The album tribute element of the Grooved Ware concert series was inspired by the Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society, a fellow Philadelphia music collective that performed Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 Tusk in its entirety over three shows in May 2010, and will be presenting the follow-up, 1982’s Mirage, at two shows in February 2012.

While they primarily create original compositions, Archives of Oblivion embrace the Grooved Ware concerts as a unique opportunity to share their appreciation for a vast musical heritage in a way that informs, enlightens, and imbues the music of today and tomorrow with a wider frame of reference, as well as greater meaning and significance.

For more information about the Grooved Ware with Archives of Oblivion concert series, please visit:

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