Video Credits:
Directed/Filmed/Edited by: Mark Valino
Produced by: Giles Monette
Art Directed & Styled by: Jerisse de Juan
Dancers: Jo Jo Dancer Zolina, Matthew Chui and Kevin Fraser

Song Credits:
Something in the Water
Written and performed By: Zaki Ibrahim
Produced by: DJ Catalist (Alister Johnson)

download the song here:

Valino's Log:
This video was shot Nuit Blanche 2011 in Toronto it was one of the most organic shoots that I've ever shot. I had the idea to shoot a guerilla music video at Nuit Blanche since the first one in Toronto. Incidentally Zaki was in town and had just created "Something In the Water" with Alister Johnson (DJ Catalist) not long before I had met them. Zaki had the same idea to shoot during Nuit Blanche and I think she was planning to shoot with another filmmaker. Being a huge Zaki Ibrahim fan and after hearing the song for the first time I had to shoot this video. It was the perfect project to do during Nuit Blanche. We chose a couple key location that we thought would work thematically with the song and the rest we just looked for light effects I could play with. There was alot of play with frame rate giving it the scenes distinct looks. As a bonus Zaki had arranged for Jo Jo and some dancer friends to meet us at the first location which added so much to this video and help start the shoot on a good pace. It was not an easy shoot but my small but strong crew (Giles Monette Jerisse de Juan & Kit Knows) that came out last minute and held it together. It was also a cold wet shoot that was shot over 6 hrs of rain. I was sick the next day and had lost my voice but it was totally worth it. I edited most of the this on my laptop on a plane flying to another shooting job I had in the Phillippines and finished it on my first night in India. I'm very pleased with how the video turned out and as always hope that the visuals do the song justice.

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