A Second Chance at Life. For artist Gary Fields, a lifelong dream now has the momentum to see it come to life. His goal, to build a life size tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Along with the potential to break two world records (largest paper mache sculpture and largest handmade skeleton) this massive project will also encompass a tattooed mural, painted directly on the skeleton to tell the story of inspiration this project follows.

After many years working within the corporate landscape, the nightmare most hope to never hear became a reality for Gary. Corporate downsizing and economic instability meant that the normal way of life, the American Dream, would come to a halt. It is in a moment of stress that overwhelming obstacles were surmounted and a new direction in life was established. And in this idea, the birth of this project.

A story of overcoming the hardships of life, gaining the support and clarity to move through them, and the momentum to carry one's self into a brighter future.

This video is a promotional tool and proof of concept to erect a full size T-rex to be displayed at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan in late 2012. Much funding is still required to finish out the project and fundraising platform, Kickstarter, will provide the means necessary to bring this dinosaur back to life.

Please visit the page, and if you feel compelled, your donation can mean a world of difference in inspiring one man as works to inspire many.

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