Boddinstr. 60
Berlin, Germany

Edited by: Adrian Buendia
Song: Flying Lotus - Galaxy In Janaki

Solo Exhibition by Johannes Mundinger, xXcrew.

The book:
His Most Exquisite Elaborations
A collection of exhibitions, installations, murals and pasteups by Johannes Mundinger and xXcrew available at idrawalot gallery.

"Hidden in forgotten places across the City, Johannes Mundinger‘s artworks are found mainly by accident. Colourful faces, fantastic figures and wall-paintings melted totally into decaying facades, create anxiety in dark urban corners. Corresponding to Graffiti, the style of the Artist is in a constant dialogue with this form of the street art. Lyrical and painterly finesse of Mundinger‘s works remains in contradiction to the roughness and inexactitude of urban art. They are unique compositions. The niches of unexpected dazzling beauty hidden between the superficial facades of the buildings are only waiting to be discovered and awakened. Mundinger‘s curiosity about the urban surrounding and the exploration of the City itself, leave not only surprising spaces for His own art. Through inititating and organising various exhibitions, he brings together various artists enabling them on national and international level networking. This vivid cooperation of artists under the Mundinger‘s curation, gives a new meaning to abbandoned places in the urban area as well as discoveres various faces of the City."

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