A girl living a normal life meets an unexpected and unusually ill fate. Something unknown, perharps a curse taints the water that is consumed everyday.

Taking place in the later development of the effects of this contamination, the lead developes a visceral and relentless thirst. As this thirst developes her behaviour become abnormal, obsessive and delusional to portray the effects of this poisoning. This takes place in the form of gathering unsual rescources of water, such as mass bottles along with the unconcious consumption of excsesive levels to which the body would not usually

A key factor in the growth of this disorder is the sound of a dripping tap. A reptetive and constant echo, almost torturous in nature, driving this character to a loss of sanity.

Reaching the ultimate point of this thirst, the lead will seek a vast source of water with the intent to consume it.

Shot on the 5D MkII with the 24 - 70mm and a 100mm Macro lens.

Special thanks to Samara Van Rijswijk for making this possible!

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