In steel clouds
to the sound of thunder
like the ancient gods:
our sky, cement;
the earth, cement;
our trees, steel;

instead of sunshine,
a light that has no twilight,
neither morning nor evening,
only noon.

Coming up the subway stairs, I thought the moon,
only another street-light—
a little crooked.

-Charles Reznikoff

Assignment Info -
Handed a poem, First Year Media Arts students at Sheridan College
were asked to create a visual, auditory experience.

Edit Version 2
1st Year, Sheridan College 2012 -

Camera: Nick Grimshaw, Devon Steele, James Belyea
Additional Camera: Patrick Miskiewicz
Narration: James Belyea
Edit: Patrick Miskiewicz

Creative Commons Note:
Aside from the copyrighted video samples and music noted below, feel free to source this video for your own projects.

Video Samples:
- Light Bulb Turning Off -
- Lightning at Night -

- Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins - For The Brave -

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