I again made video for my music. Couple songs are called: "Mystic time" and "Mellow house of memories"

I am using freaky faces and pictures for art about time. Time is mystic. Man with sunglasses and smiling is looking almost unreal and more unusual faces and pictures, ephemeral happening in the space. And before that hand released the energy. Alright, who was that, some magician in space or what? It's not the whole point of this video. Before that someone walked on the world road. Who was he or she ?
Whole time cannot be sametime with You and with Others, it's still with everyone. We are living under time but how we can explain the whole time. I think time is same time in everywhere and same time in nowhere. When is the time for spring, when the time of summer, after the time of autumn, and winter. Yeah. Time is been always with us. When is the birthday of time? Our mystic time is precious.

I hope you rate. Comments please. Thanks yall!

I have a copyright for my own pictures and videoclips.

PS. Warning for totally summer persons... You see also winter pics while the song "Mellow house of memories" are playing..

You find this also from youtube.com/watch?v=hkFL2E0YhhM :)


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