I had a lot of random spare footage left over from last Summers filming, so I thought I'd edit something together. It's not perfect, but I didn't want the footage to go to waste!

We filmed during the Extrem Sport Veko and had a chance to get some sweet shots of the Urdlandselvi double drop with Brendan Bayly, Sam and Jamie Sutton and Max Siech.

Rivers include Voss classics such as the Strandal and Myrkdal, a little bit of footage from Sjoa, a couple of shots from the North... and a lot of random other stuff.

Paddlers (In order of appearance):
Hugh Graham
Finn Burrows
Max Siech
Jamie Sutton
Sam Sutton
Brendan Bayly
Mike Durrant
Nick Horwood
Paul Scopes
Jasper Polak
Tom Parker
George Hanwell

Filmed on Canon 550d, 60d, GoPro HD and Panasonic SD900.

Music - Handbook (soundcloud.com/handbook)

If you want to see more footage from Norway check out Vaniljesaus, it's really sweet (like custard!) - vimeo.com/35652109

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