First and for most, Germantown Bloc CO-OP is devoted to building and strengthening the Nashville climbing community; a sharing, caring, sweating, respectful, enthusiastic group of climbers. We, Ben Williams and Andrew King, share the same passion of climbing and feel there is a need for building the Germantown Bloc. We believe that a co-operative ran gym that is owned and ran by climbers would allow the Nashville climbing community to have a place to call home and provide the members with an outlet to give something back to climbing.
The CO-OP will benefit its members in many ways. This gym is yours. These are your walls, your holds, your bolts, and your climbing sanctuary. The more members, the lower the monthly membership cost. Essentially members will divide the operating cost of the gym, which includes rent, utilities, labor, etc. The gym will have 24hr member access and co-op members will also have the opportunity to set their own routes. Guest that are wanting to visit the facility can come with a CO-OP member. The Germantown Bloc will pledge to give a percentage of our profits to the Southeast Climbers Coalition and to other outdoor climbing areas that have access issues.
We want to up hold a complete up most standard of a cooperative. Meaning a collective group of people that share and/or are motivated by a common goal and interest, to work together on a specific projects, keep each other smiling, and to achieve a common objective.

Thanks for your time,
Ben Williams
Andrew King

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