'Nano Messiah' a final year project of Team MPD (Aniruddha Joglekar, Vivek Vasudevan, Dimitry Laurenty) of DSK Supinfogame, Pune (2010-2011)

Nano Messiah is a top-down puzzle/adventure game.

You control a group of tiny robots inside a huge machine world, navigating your way and moving forward by solving puzzles in the level. the core feature of the game allows you to move in formations that help you solve the puzzle.

The game is built for touch devices. Puzzles are sovled by guestures based controls and movment is done using the device's accelerometer

youtube.com/watch?v=9L3bWsW8-Vs&feature=player_embedded ---> this is the game play footage of Nano Messiah.

As for my role in the game. I am a final year animation student, and I worked with the Art lead of this game on the art style and also worked on the realization of the storyline of the trailer. the 3D part of the trailer was all done by me.

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