BBGL Movie Trailer! It's finally here! The most talked about movie in 2012! Micah Valentine, Mat McInelly, John Stuart, and Elliot Harwood Co-Star in the highly anticipated blockbuster BBGL (BB Gun at the Lake). This feature film chronicles the journeys of 4 extraordinary gentlemen making their way to the top of the most competitive and dangerous sport known to man at this time. It highlights the anguish, turmoil, and elation of victory and defeat. Competition is fierce, stakes are high, and tempers flare!
Hear what the experts are saying:
*Elliot delivers a masterful performance!
~Hardwood and Associates
*Best movie of its class in 2012, (as of January 27, 2012)
~ Organization of Ultra-Cool Stuff (OUCS)
*This is Stuart Film’s finest work to date!
~Remarkable Press Inc.
*You’re witnessing a star in the making in Mat McInelly
~BB & Pellet Association of America
*John’s contribution to the sport can’t be understated. He is a true hero.
~ Society of Outstanding Individuals (SOI)
*Micah beautifully illustrates the balance of love, desire, and dedication…
~Home and People Magazine

**This film is not yet rated**

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