Shot with a Sony a77 and Canon 7D. (a77 is all bride prep, groom reaction while watching video, groom face during ceremony, side shot during first look and all reception except one shot during their intro) Matching the two cams was a little challenging but as you can see the a77 holds up quite nicely against Canon DSLRs

All in all, a major challenge to edit as every single thing that could possibly go wrong from a technical standpoint did.
The biggest of these things is I screwed the pooch big time on the H4 for reception audio. I did not set it right and had nothing usable except the audio my onboard mic. I don't normally take care of audio as I am usually editing the same day edit or shooting photos. I didn't bring redundant audio stuff as it was last minute destination wedding and i packed real light. Not an excuse, it's just what happened.

With the exception of the grand entrance, I shot all of the reception by myself and did not have the proper lighting gear I would normally carry with me nor the different angles as it was all with one cam. And the one led light i did have ran out of battery right in the middle of the groomsmen doing their dance thing.

However, all this being said, the content is there with this one regardless of the technical knit picks. I am not going to not put the speeches in because they don't sound perfect regardless whether the perfectionist in me cringes a bit.

Main song by Michael Stagliano more info
Reception song: "The Last Man" by Brad Nyght licensed through The Music Bed

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