“Dig” is the story of a young boy who attempts the impossible: digging a hole to China! On his pursuit toward his lost love Sun on the other side of the world, Doug encounters three disgruntled puppets: Marvin the promiscuous Rabbit, Dr. Archibald Hayes the Worm, and Merlot the French Weasel. Each animal shares a loveless outlook on Doug’s journey. Will love find a way? Find out!

Doug - Justin Tinucci
Sun - Malia Tyler
Marvin the Rabbit - Jason Kelley
Merlot the Weasel - Jeff Marlow
Dr. Hayes the Worm - Gregory Giles

Writer / Director - Philip Hodges
Producer - Tyler Knell
Cinematographer - Raul B Fernandez
Production Designer - Heather Reese
Editor - Michael Lower
Score - Matthew O'Malley
Sound Designer - Sung Rok Choi
Color - Adam Habib

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