This is a tale of two days, nearing the tail-end timeframe of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Liberty Square, NYC.

From my experience, I wanted to show this in a raw form. A form that displays the people in their most honest manners, without dramatic poses, sound bites or anything fancy to show off in a marketable manner. Essentially, it’s broken. Much like the people, the movement, the situation and the state of the economy as it is today. In that of itself, it has its own particular organized chaotic beauty.

The OWS movement to me appears to be a collective that sings in unison without being in in harmony. It's why they appear to have different agendas and different goals looking from the outside in. However, moving past my ignorance, and looking on the inside myself, it’s very different than expected. So many textures of faces, experiences and stories. And, amazement in how everyone seemingly works together to create a small pocket society in the corner of New York City.

Personally, I have no idea where it all goes from here. But nonetheless, I admire the bravery and idealism of the people dedicating themselves to this cause.

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