The debut video from Glass Vaults.

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You might remember us gushing over an incredible debut EP by a New Zealand band called Glass Vaults last year. I was super excited to receive an email from their label about a brand new one, and after giving it a few full listens, I can honestly report that it doesn’t disappoint, not even a tiny bit. “Into Clear” has four tracks, clocking in at just under 30 minutes total. The sound is once again unbelievably lush and ethereal, sliding sweet, lonesome melodies between huge walls of ambient warmth. This duo is quickly becoming one of the most understated, beautiful acts in independent music today (at least to our ears). Jump on board while they’re still small. 100% recommended. - OMG Vinyl

Glass Vaults is a Wellington, NZ Based two piece who use a mixture of washed textures, ambient and atmospheric soundscapes and an amalgamation of programmed and live drums. Both born in the rural Manawatu, Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce met at university in Wellington where they began experimenting with music under the name Vaults. Having recently graduated and undergone a name change to Glass Vaults, the pair are using their time to work on writing and shaping their sound under this guise.

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