Several reels in one quicktime video - TAPE #5

16 mm//color…kodachrome, daylight type

1. AUGUST 1957
Crossing cascades, columbia river and Rockies. LEAVING NORTHWEST, glimpse of pleasant valley

2. 1957
Barn + leaving Samuel. Mt. Rainier

Samuel Island (2), aug. 1957, The Lodge

4. AUGUST 1957

Annsie and Reeve arrive at Samuel Island - 2 - lamb barbeque on Saturna, Barbie water skiing, Sunday afternoon at north end of samuel. July 1958. Seen by P + J ' 67

(GQM: going on a picnic, a rainbow, the beach, girls swimming in their bras, moo in a rainbow shirt talking sassy and skipping a stone, tommy shirtless leading a donkey, babies in life jackets, naked babies in the water, moving through on a boat, meat roast/bbq, lots of boats on the harbor, a glimpse of waterskiing )

5. 1958

More Samuel Island. Towing Foo's boat. Peter, Land, Mary, Mrs. L leaving.

5. JULY 1958
Waterskiing - Irish Bay, Boat Trip to lighthouse (3). Seen by P + J, Jan. '67

(GQM: splashing, swimming, waterskiing, moo moo holding a towel over grandmother Robbins head, jimmy and friend guiding a baby calf out of the house)

6. 1958

Leaving sydney on cy peck being met at Saturna. Landing barge in operation. Pony bucking. (seen by J + P Jan '67)

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