Ahona, Ms. Rout, and Ms. Sangeeta Kadam from Epiphany English Medium School in Guruwar Peth, Pune lead the first Spark Workshop with their whole staff.

In this session, the staff explore five buckets to build staff culture: Folkore, Language, Behaviour, Artifacts, and Traditions. Through discussion and a collaborative process, the entire school (including the maushis and gaurdsmen) brainstorm what they want their staff culture to resemble. LTC participants will be replicating this process for school culture as well.

Lead To Change is a school leadership program launched by Teach For India in Pune in 2011 at partner schools. The mission of LTC is to recruit veteran school leaders who are committed to radically transforming the life paths of their students by instilling zeal within their teachers to be instructional leaders.

There are currently 12 participating schools in Pune. Each school's Lead To Change 'School Leadership Team' is composed of the principal/HM, a veteran school teacher, and a TFI Fellow. These teams will conduct a series of 'spark' workshops to create organistional change as well as 'flame' workshops that will target instructional innovation.

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