We are experiencing what only 6% of the world can ever experience. An astounding 94% of the world may never get to sit under the teaching of the Word from a pastor who has spent the majority of his week in prayerful study: because they are too remote, too poor, and live in the cities and villages of the world where no such opportunity exists.

For the past 30 years: I have been fully supported by the prayers and resources of God’s people in order to invest the vast majority of my week sifting through every chapter of God’s Word, dozen and dozens of times: asking God’s Spirit to illumine His Word, and empower me to communicate His Truth.

That support and prayer has produced over 3,000 hours of recorded audio and video Bible lessons, as well as over 15,000 pages of expositional Bible studies.

My heart is deeply drawn to God’s servants, especially those in the 10/40 Window, or in Third World nations, or because of limited resources: who can’t read a passage 40 plus times, and study every word before they teach it.

There are countless faithful servants of the Lord who are expected to teach God’s Word with very little time to prepare.

That burden led us to give away, freely, the resources we possess to pastors, teachers, and missionaries.

Ten years ago Discover the Book Ministries incorporated as a non-profit ministry to share all those Bible teaching resources, like those prepared in my study, and taught each week from Calvary’s pulpit: to make every page, every word, and every lesson available and accessible, free of charge, to as many people as possible.

The results are amazing. We are besieged with requests for Bible conferences, retreats, and sessions to teach expositional lessons on Doctrines. Spiritual Disciplines, the Christian Home, Marriage, Finances, Church History, and many other Biblical topics.

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