The frequent introduction of new smartphones entices consumers to switch or extend contracts more frequently in order to get their hands on the latest handset. As more consumers start using smartphones, they increasingly need inspiration and handset advice before they will sign a mobile operator contract. This urges mobile operators to continuously extend their online activities. However, the challenge for selling contracts online is that nearly 70% of all consumers lack the confidence to buy online and end up in a retail store.

The Handset Explorer, part of INDG’s Product Engagement Suite, provides leading operators such as Vodafone and Orange to drive buying confidence and online subscriber activation. The Handset Explorer offers a combination of interactive services and (3D based) device content. This results in inspiring and interactive product experiences that allow consumers to experience handsets as if they are holding them in their own hands driving their confidence to buy online. For some clients INDG’s solutions increased the lead-to-conversion ratios nearly 10-fold.

Generally a Handset Explorer is created from a single 3D source and consists of the following contents:
A limited number of highres stills
360 degree handset visuals
Branded handset videos (delivered in multiple languages and optimized for different contexts)
An interactive product experience (refer to the image below)

Vodafone – Handset Explorer of mobile devices (such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)
Orange – Branded Product Videos (more information to follow shortly)

To deliver the Handset Explorer, INDG combines award winning experiences with its Digital Engagement Suite. This suite is a framework of standard building blocks that ensure quick and efficient delivery of new handset experiences. All visualizations (photo, video) are based on high quality 3D content, enabling efficient and creatively superior alternative to traditional photography.

The Handset Explorer provides the following steps to drive customers to action:
Inspire – Consumers are dragged into the sales process using immersive content (product videos, 360 views, highres stills) that looks consistent across all touchpoints.
- Experience – By contextualizing this content and making it interactive, consumers can explore the physical qualities of each device
- Play – Built in product animations can put the phone in action, making customers feel as if they take full control of the device.
- Drive Confidence – Key features of the phone can be highlighted as so-called ‘hotspots’. By touching any of these hotspots, the device’s USPs can be presented as text, audio or video.
- Convert – Engaging consumers with an interactive, 3D phone experience drives their confidence to buy online and prevents unnecessary visits to retail outlets.

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