Created and shot in residence at EMPAC, Watch Thru Me is a film featuring Barbara Foulkes.

From the filmmakers:

If you watch through me, listen the sound of each one, taste all the ways till shapes or springs fill you up, then hide and seek wherever lungs and mind lay down.
Every day breathe thin drops and remember that outside the storm is over.

The filming of WATCH THRU ME was a parallel process to the stage work inside Goodman Studio. Since we came here to work on a performance piece in relation to a specific site, we got interested in EMPAC’s super specific space itself, and in the fact that we were also being transformed by/in-relation-to it. We are interested in the way that the body relates to the space and to the objects it contains; in the way that we are determined and built by those spaces and objects we determine and build. We noticed that every object that occupies a place in this building, from a chair to a tilted wall, performs a very specific function, so the proposition was to give such objects a function other than the original. To use them in improbable ways, in ways that avoided their specificity.

This video has a very clear and precise purpose, but it wont be used to perform it.


A film by Armel Hostiou
Music + Sound: Ricardo Cortes
Assisted by: JuanFran Maldonado

Screened in Evelyn's Cafe during Tethered: Vertical Performance on February 4, 2012

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