By building a film though visuals, acting, body language and music, A PIANO calls for a different cinema, different from the over talkative dialogue driven trend of last years in Canada.
Going back to the origin of French Canadian cinema in the ‘60s, featuring the NFB’s masters’ films, and re-inventing it in the English speaking culture.
The idea of the present project has its origin in an interactive installation created by Carlito Ghioni and Isabella Stefanescu for Veracity, the 2009 edition of CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area).
The installation presented three navigable narratives involving three summer days in the lives of a set of characters who live in the same three-storied house.
The script we propose to develop into a film will work with the same ensemble of characters, but the action takes place within an afternoon of their lives in downtown Kitchener. At the core of the narrative is an investment for art expression and education that a low income family would not be able to afford, but they decide to take; that leads us to explore the way we all piece together stories, by assumptions and speculations.

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