Mica Prazak: Writer, Editor, Director

South By Southeast: (90 Minutes)

This film has a lot of myself invested within it. Technically, it would be defined as a documentary, but this is really too self-serving for that. I have tried to preserve one year of my life. I like to think a true documentarian has a goal to educate and illuminate; the goal of this film was simply completion. I feel in a way, finishing this film and saying goodbye are one and the same.

To those who made the trip possible, you have my gratitude. For those I met along the way, thank you for enhancing my world as it zoomed past me. For those I loved, I still do.

This film, whatever it may be, is my continued embrace with that incredible region of the world. It will allow me, and others if they wish, to remember and celebrate the greatest year of my life.

Song Credits: This film is not intended for any commercial purpose. It is a massive project, meant for the enjoyment of my friends and family, both here and abroad. Music in this film was the same music that accompanied me on my journey. In all cases, I only use a small portion of each song. However, I believe the brilliant work of these varying artists contributes to the final product. I do not own the rights, and will profit in no way from the music featured.

Songs Featured (in order as they appear)

Broken Social Scene- World Sick
The Strange Boys- This Girl Taught Me to Dance
Duck Sauce- Barbra Streisand
Alexandre Desplat- assorted song snippets from the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack
Sam Roberts- Detroit 67
Spirit of the West- Home for a Rest
Broken Social Scene- Major Label Debut (Fast)
Led Zeppelin- Bron’Y Aur Stomp
The Tallest Man on Earth- The Gardener
Cloud Control- This is What I Said
The Tallest Man on Earth- King of Spain
Little Joy- Evaporar
Yolanda Be Cool- We Speako No Americano
The Tallest Man on Earth- The Sparrow and the Medicine
The Red Elvises- I Wanna See You Bellydance
Buddy Holly- It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
Blur- Tender
Hall and Oates- You Make My Dreams
Van Morrison- Gloria
LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends (London Sessions)

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