Indonesia is seen as a premier surf destination/travel spot for the surf community. Though its pristine breaks draw surfers every year, more than 100 million Indonesians lack access to clean water. Unsafe drinking water easily leads to diarrhea, which is the 2nd leading cause of death for Indonesian children. Nearly 70% of water used is from contaminated resources. North Bali has one of the highest infant mortality rates in Indonesia. All of this yet, only 2 hours away we find five star resorts.

The imbalance is obvious -- the need is urgent.

Surfers are adventurous and eager to help. In the same way Jon Rose and Waves For Water easily transports water filtration systems in a surf bag, we know we can inspire more people to do the same. It works. We see results. We see other surfers beginning to take filters with them. Solutions exist. We are a not a bureaucratic organization but one with results -- more than 5 million people now have access to clean water because of the work and generosity of our partnerships (including Surf Industry Manufacturers Association or SIMA). Overall, surfers are the most adventurous and obvious choice to help Indonesia. We are compelled to make a difference -- we feel it’s our duty.

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