Creates stable space frame structures to fill any complex volume (capable of respecting concave surfaces and internal voids) using a matter analogy as particles move from a gas to a liquid to a solid.

The gas particles fill the volume with brownian motion and boundary collisions. They are then cooled to a liquid where they can form temporary bonds with their neighbours to form tetrahedrons. Then they are frozen to a solid.

Once solid – gravity, external forces and supports are applied and the member stresses are recorded. These can be used in a “freeze-thaw” optimisation step. This step allows the internal structure to move into a more efficient arrangement depending on its intended use. (Optimisation not shown in this video).

An iso-meshing routine is shown instead to create organic but logical and stable structure. Thanks to Paul Bourke and Karsten Schmidt for C and Java iso-surface implementations.

The software is currently being used to design structures at building, furniture and micro-internal structure scale.

Any .obj volume can be imported and meshes in appropriate form for rendering or structural analysis can be exported easily.

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