This video was motivated by Ka Sundance (RawFoodFamilyLife channel on YouTube) regarding the following episodes that he posted:

■ Ka Sundance getting angry...(for the first time on Youtube ever!) #276

■ How to thrive off the grid with no electricity, water, car, internet, TV or solid house #183

■ Aimee and primitive living in Costa Rica
■ Instinctive impulse to disappear into the forest
■ Multiple myeloma and being trapped in the physical world
■ Mass extinction and strip-mining of the planet
■ Personal lifestyle changes that really make a difference
■ Meditation on the impermanence of things and stillness
■ Carbon credits / tax and Western economy
■ Failing our role as caretakers of an entire planet
■ Fantasy and illusion of those seeking amnesty in the tropics
■ Liquidation of personal assets and plans to bicycle to Ecuador
■ Meeting of Istok Markoja from Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) in Veracruz, Mexico.
■ People coming as refugees to a new and better life and they realize that money (fiat currency) is not working.
■ Corporate industrial agriculture giants (Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, Pioneer) and environmental devastation.
■ Eco-ecotourism is demonic evil in Costa Rica and fits the demographic mind of the common raw foodist mentality.
■ Unhealthy-looking vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists.
■ Registration by the human organism with the genetic programs contained fresh, raw foods ingested.
■ Collapse of oil, food and water 7 billion population.
■ Desperate global scrabbling and scrappling for control of oil, gas and coal.
■ Puckish super food and raw food eaters who are missing a realistic global perspective.
■ Bad deal given to children who are given vaccines.
■ Cancer stealth viruses, SV40, polio vaccines, multiple myeloma and lymphomas.
■ Toxins, fluoride, plastics, electromagnetic fields.
■ Individuals are being poisoned collectively on a planetary scale.
■ Smart meters, microwaves, psychotronics, bioengineered nano-sized polycrystals resonating with microwaves.
■ Increasing cases of cancer, increased probablility of malignancies.
■ Getting past race and creeds in order to save the seeds.
■ Estimated mass extinction rate of 25,000.
■ Eliminating personal consumer impact through firm lifestyle shift to minimalism.

Brian Swimme:

Vandana Shiva:

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