"Tuk, Tuk. Ah! Ah! Ah!" she laughed showing surprise when looking our "shocking cars" (Typical amusement of Portuguese popular fairs).

We enjoyed very much walking around Porto. Me, because i was delighted to show her my back yard and even more, because i was learning, through her eyes, to see it from a different perspective i was used to. Her because eventhough it was a different country she could find so many similarities between both portugal and Sri Lanka.

She confessed so many times that she felt as confortable as at home, here, and that make her relaxed through the though period she as to live here. "Porto as so many things that make me remember my Colombo, Nuno. The coast line, the way the sun goes down, your horizons and happiness of your people. And now i discover that you also have the Tuk, Tuks. I feel at home, and i thank you for that". I felt good to hear that, altough i couldn´t completely understand what she meant.

I learnt so many things that spring/summer time with her, altough only some years later i got the full meaning of that. At the time, i was a 16 year old boy with a lot of dreams in my mind and hoping that i would be rich, famous and powerfull when i got the age for that. The meaning of having... of being the "number one" in a permanent competition with all "the enemies" that would come. But with her, there was no point for that. I had no purpose to reach some goal. Just live together with her day by day with a crescent secret desire for the time to go slow. I didn´t want that to come to an end. And so it was until the last minute. Not worrying, being happy.

I confess that those moments help me to survive in this fuckin' world we live where individualism domains our actions generating, hate, selfishness and bossy modes, loosing all the advantages and plesures of a team combined work. That means that we only give in the direct sense of what we get, which means that we don't really give anything. We just trade, and thus the treasure we all have in our hearts is never given. This is our lost, and maybe the answer for the crisis (either economical or global) we are living in .

(The music? Dont worry, be Bobby McFerrin - Blue Note version)

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