ISO 100, Manual, f1.9, 1/60th, focus 6.0m, 6.0x lens. White Balance Sunny. Movie Stabilizer Off. Mary had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. Mary had a little lamb, she also had a bear, I've often seen her little lamb but I've never seen her bear. Barry had Lady Lyndon.

Edited in Final Cut Express 4

Synced sound or lip-synched you decide. Lip-synched. Lip-synched. Definitely lip-synched.

Non Vimeo Credits

Original poem by
John Roulstone and
Sarah Josepha Hale

Original novel by
William Makepeace Thackeray

No out-takes. None. No video out-takes and no audio out-takes. But that is the last time for that. I'm never ever going to fucking do that again. I promise you.
(NOTE: footage was shot and immediately deleted to focus, expose and compose the shot and I rehearsed of course but there were no out-takes. One shot. Just like Robert De Niro in "The Deer Hunter".)
Eight audio and video files. Two rich text files. Three files, SANY1765-1767, shot on location, overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, on March 13th, 7:38 PM to 7:40 PM. SANY1766 didn't make the final cut it was left on the cutting room floor. SANY1782, the video, shot at 1:27 PM yesterday. SANY1783, the audio, utilizing the camera's built in voice memo mode recorded yesterday at 1:55 PM. The two titles, SANY1784 and 1785, were shot yesterday between 2:25 PM and 2:28 PM. The titles were shot off an ASUS VK266H 25.5" Monitor (which you will find at with the same manual settings as stated above for that overblown blue blurry look. Which leaves one more file. The little jingle at the beginning and the end is taken from the opening of Paul Evans, of Seven Little Girls fame, last 45 to make the charts: "Brigade of Broken Hearts". "Hushabye Little Guitar" didn't chart at all. Where I got "Brigade of Broken Hearts" is anybody's guess. I certainly didn't steal it. You don't think so do you? Nevertheless, it came out in 1960 and it charted I think for Billboard for that year at number 476 out of 600.

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