Consider this an exercise into how far the Canon C300 can be pushed in terms of sensitivity. In this new edit there are sections at the beginning and end that, with the exception of a few cars passing by, all available light is from the waning full moon a few nights ago.

The remainder of the footage was shot around town in a variety of challenging lighting situations. During most of this, the C300 kept begging me to move the actress into the shadows, and I think it's a testament to this camera's sensitivity how well it transitions between light and dark. (any hot spots you see in her skintones are due to the grade, not the footage as the c-log captured detail in all areas of the scene except the light sources themselves).

Thanks for not commenting on the focusing. I'm absolutely wide open on a 1.2 lens most of the time, and as the Zacuto baseplates haven't shipped, I can't use a follow focus with this camera yet. (and none of the shots are blocked, marked or otherwise planned)

For the moonlight footage Camera was set to ISO 10,000 1/24 sec (24p), Lens was 50MM L 1.2 set at 1.4 or 1.2
except the walking/tracking shot after the credits which was at 20,000 with the 35mm f1.4. The gamma was mostly normal 1 with some c-log thrown in. WB is mostly tungsten, but the last clip is the daylight preset.

I had intended to provide a comparison clip with taken on a 5dmarkII, but it was only capable of recording the moon itself...otherwise a completely black frame.

The urban stuff was largely iso 2000-5000, with I think 10,000 in the hallway of the bar. All lighting was as we found it. (except a strobing LED flashlight used in the pay phone booth).

Stick around after the credits for an extended 20,000 iso clip, and another 10,000 iso shot, probably my favorite shot of the whole shoot, except, as it has my car in the background, doesn't quite fit with the vague story of a girl waiting for a ride.

Update. Feb.2015.
I Recently had a drive crash that took out a lot of final masters of films I've worked on over the past few years. A lot of it wasn't backed up, and in the process of re-outputing those files, I've gotten to go back in and do a little work. This video was one of the first I ever shot on the C300 and in the past years I've gained a lot of knowledge as to grading footage from this camera. The version you see here is the exact same edit as the original, with a lot of new color grading and a fair amount of noise reduction using Neat Image. Additionally, vimeo's compression is a little less damaging than it was a few years ago. I think you'll enjoy this new version. If you want to see the original grade (and the original camera noise) you can find that here:

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