Hope in a Slingshot pollytikkle.com/hope-in-a-slingshot is the product of my first visit to the West Bank.

I learned about what life in the West Bank is like for Palestinians with my camera running and decided to piece together this "on the ground" education into a feature doco. I hope you like it.

Hope in a Slingshot is the first film to ever be officially accepted for broadcast by the ABC TV of Australia and then be revoked by the director of the network, Kim Dalton. Dalton surprised us all by disregarding all ABC protocol and nullifying the agreement Ronin Films, the distributor, had made with the ABC TV's Acquisition's Department in 2009 to air the film in December 2009.

For more on the subject, which included a public challenge by Senator Scott Ludlam, in the Senate Estimates:

If you are Australian there is a tax deductible option available for donations of more that $100 at documentaryaustralia.com.au/films/details/1206/finger-pointing-to-the-earth

Sorry to ask for money but independent film making needs it desperately.

If you are broke , join the club, enjoy the film, sorry it took so long to get it on line, I had to honour my contract with Ronin Films and exhaust all avenues.

If you are a school or a university, the DVD is available from Ronin Films

Hope in a Slingshot was shot in 2006. The maps used are published in 2008. The statistics have been updated to 2011. I am a regular visitor to the West Bank and the only real change that has occurred since the film was made is that most Palestinian track roads are now tarmacked, and the numerous checkpoints are now replaced with permanent road blocks which the Palestinians are now accustomed to drive around. These new roads increase journey time by between 100% - 200% and have isolated Jerusalem from most Palestinians.


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